About The Project

On January 11, 2022, the Collier Board of County Commissioners approved professional engineering design services to replace and improve the existing infrastructure of water, wastewater, stormwater, irrigation quality water and sidewalks within the Lely Community. This project is necessary to ensure a continued high level of utility services for the community.

In April, the first phase of this project starts with Johnson Engineering, Inc. and its subcontractors, performing field investigation activities. This work is expected to take approximately 10 months to complete. Field investigations include locating existing potable water mains, water meters and hydrants; sewer mains, pump stations and cleanouts; and stormwater and irrigation quality (reuse water) mains to determine their condition. You may notice survey or engineering crews completing field survey work and other activities in or around your property. Additionally, crews will utilize drones to capture pre-construction photos prior to work to ensure that all disturbed areas are restored to pre-construction conditions. These crews will minimize disturbances while collecting project-related information.  No action is required on your part. More information will be available prior to the start of construction.

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